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frday & saturday Nights From £110

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Friday & Saturday Nights 

From £120

      Rock, has been & still has the strongest influence on music. What is rock music, if you try to look up the definition of rock music, you will find many themes. The nearest you get is music played with a strong beat & played loud ?. the only thing that is certain rock was generated from the birth of rock & roll. Whitch was described in the early days has the Devil's music. Rock covers life in a different way to pop music. Love in pop music tends to be slow, but in rock the tempo tends to be higher.

   Has a DJ i have tried to put rock music the following themes, Rock & Roll, Classic Rock, Glam Rock, Heavy Metal, New age rock. Soft Rock. But this does not always work. 

Yes, I do rock nights, please pick your 30 tracks, to start with they may not all get played on the night, because rock tracks are longer than pop tracks and I may need to vary the music to suite the crowd. I do not have a standard rock playlist where I open & finish with the same tracks. Every rock night is different for every event.   

If you require a rock theme mixed in with pop music this can be done, if you decide that the pop theme is to be played by decades that is possible. 

Please Check Out The Rock mega mix vidio above. 


Friday & Saturday Nights From £120

Price includes 4 hour play time (ie. 8-12 pm)

Setting up Time & finish time 30 minuets ether side of play time

Travel distance from base (wv12) of 10 mile radius 

Play album of 30 tracks of your choice to be played on the night. 

Additional on site time charged at £20 per up to 12 pm for hours after midnight ask for Quote