DJ Roy

frday & saturday Nights From £110

     Mobile Disco


& the Midlands

Friday & Saturday Nights 

From £120


You love it or hate it.

If you love it, with over 6000 tracks available from early years to present date I will be able to make it a memorable night.  

If you want any specific tracks for the night in advance please email me if will check availability & add them to a playlist providing the tacks can be sourced.

I will mix the karaoke with a disco to keep the night flowing.

I will alternate the singers, play disco tracks between songs, mix the karaoke songs with disco depending how many karaoke tracks are waiting. [ early night it may be 3-4 disco tracks to a karaoke, as the night progresses it may be 1 to 1 or even if all karaoke. The system shows real time so I know how many tracks can be played before close ] 

Friday & Saturday Nights From £130

Price includes 4 hour play time (ie. 8-12 pm)

Setting up Time & finish time 30 minuets ether side of play time

Travel distance from base (wv12) of 10 mile radius 

Play album of 30 tracks of your choice to be played on the night. 

Additional on site time charged at £20 per up to 12 pm for hours after midnight ask for Quote