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Planning an event 

I do not do event planning, but I will help you to plan your event, Organising a event can be fun but hard work. I will do my best to help within reason.

What I offer,

1, Help you choose the theme of the event. You choose up to 30 tracks to be played on the night. 

2, Having chosen the music theme, I will email you a poster to advertise your event 

3, After recieving the booking I will contact your venu and check licensing hours, noise restrictions and any music theme restrictions.

4, I will give you has much telephone support, within reason to help you organise the event & any problems you may come across.  

    When planning a event consider some of the following guidlines.

    Think about your guests a little

      Plan the event well in advance, about 4 week launch date is best, you will need to have rough event criteria in place 4 weeks in advavce to give your geusts time to plan and get interested in the event. having said this majority of people don't decide untill a week before the event. But the seed has to be planted early. The last 7-10 days is critical to raise the numbers up for the event, but not to pushy. 

      Don't start the event to early or make the event to long, 4 hours seems to work. Majority of people can,t drink or party more than 4 hours. 

       Start the event at a time most people would normally go out 8-12. 9-1. 

       Give your guests a loose itinarary. Doors open at 7.30, music from 8 pm, buffet served from 8.30 aproximate. Last order at 11.30 pm ext.

        Finish the event at a time people will want to leave. if they are using taxis [ some areas taxis charge a premium after midnight, most people will not want to pay this] 

        When advertising unless the guests are young, advertise the event s a party rather than a disco, most older people will associate a disco with loud bang, bang music. The poster option if you take it up will have my website on it, encorage your guests to view it so they can see the full rang of music available. 

       The Buffet, Most organiser over estermate the food reqiured for a event. Majority of guests wood of eaton before coming out. So allow for a snackin amount. When using a catorer for the buffet set a buget amount & not price per head. 

       Final numbers allow for 20 to 30% drop out for final attendance on free entry and 5 t0 10% drop out on pre paid events, depending on entrance price. Larger the fee less drop outs.