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Engagement Party 

The engagement party is the dress rehearsal for the wedding.

It will most likely be the first time the two families have socially

met. This can easily set the tone for the main event (the wedding.

So be careful when choosing the venue, Make sure the venue is

larger enough to cater for you guests. Has a decent dance floor.

Has a good position for the DJ (Preferably with a stage and the guests

can access the DJ for requests.

With all my events I allow you to choose 30 tracks. It's important to

choose a good mix, because the age rang of the guests. (this can be

newborn up to grandparents Or even great grandparents ? I would

normally expect to play floor fillers from the 60s through to the latest

charts. With a mix of Dance, R&B, Pop, Soul, Rock & Reggae. A little bit

for everyone.

Decide if you are doing speeches, This can be very awkward trying to

construct a speech on the night.